T-96 Wandering Hole
Located on the right end of the plastic board is a round hole. A pen is inserted into the hole.
And then, the hole starts moving together with the pen. It migrate up, down and across freely in any direction. To conclude the act, guide the hole to the left end of the board and slowly remove the pen to reveal the hole. The hole has travelled the entire lenght of the board from its original location on the right while in constant full-view of the audience.
A hole that moves? This baffling concept had even Tenyo's creative department stumped at first. But thanks to the brilliant magical mind of Hideo Kato, we turned this seemingly impossible task into reality. The hole moves all over a plastic board right in front of the eyes of the spectators. An amazing close-up illusion...
Recent auction prices: EUR 80 - EUR 85
T-96 Wandering Hole
Mint in shrink-wrap! Very rare!!