T-197 X-Ray File
A card is freely selected, and placed by your spectator into an envelope. It is completely impossible to see the card from outside the envelope. However, you are able to accurately name the card. Even when your spectator inserts several cards into the envelope, you can name them all, one after the other.
This magic effect requires no practice. You will feel as if you have X-ray vision when you can name the cards inserted inside the envelope. You can even use a borrowed deck of cards, so this effect has a wide variety of applications.
Also described is a great magic effect in which you accurately name all three cards that have been freely chosen and inserted into the envelope. The stand may be handed out to your audience for close inspection, but there is nothing for them to find.
Recent auction prices: EUR 75 - EUR 80
T-197 X-Ray File
BNIP! Very rare!