T-73 Super Coin in Nest
The magician borrows a coin from the audience and ask a spectator to make some identifying mark on it.
The coin is wapped up in a handkerchief and the spectator is asked to hold the coin through the handkerchief. The spectator drops the coin into a glass whereupon it completely disappears. The spectator is invited to open a little round case which has previously been placed on the table by the magician.
Inside he finds another case, then another, then another... Astonishingly, he finds the marked coin in the last case.
In the past the "Coin in the nest" trick has been difficult to perform owing to the rather clumsy operation of inserting the coin. In Tenyo's "Super Coin in Nest" you can get a coin into the inner case of the nest very easily and quickly.
If a nobel Prize existed in the magic world, we think Takuya Yoshizawa would deserve it, as it is he who devised the clever holder which makes this trick possible; but impossible of course to the audience!
We supply five nesting coin case for use whit a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or English 5p. Whit just three of the case you can use a Half dollar, and other larger coin.
Recent auction prices: EUR 30 - EUR 45
T-73 Super Coin in Nest
BNIP, factory sealed!