Tenyo Sale!
T-73 Super Coin in Nest
BNIP, factory sealed!
The magician borrows a coin from the audience and ask a spectator to make some identifying mark on it.
The coin is wapped up in a handkerchief and the spectator is asked to hold the coin through
T-115 Ultraslice
BNIP! Very rare!
10 cigarettes are placed into an elegant cigarette case. Both the lid and the bottom have a slit going from side to side. The case is closed and a buzz-saw card is pushed into the slit. Magically,
T-138 Devil‘s Disc
BNIP, still shrinkwrapped!
A magical compact disk player is introduced. The drawer is opened and a compact disk is inserted. A ribbon is threaded through a hole in the center of the player and the drawer closed. And yet the
T-109 The Midas Machine
New, mint condition!!!
There have been many magic trick where the magician "print" real money onto blank paper. The Midas Machine is the ultimate version of this classic.
Here, the illusion of printing is unbelievable.
T-96 Wandering Hole
Mint in shrink-wrap! Very rare!!
Located on the right end of the plastic board is a round hole. A pen is inserted into the hole.
And then, the hole starts moving together with the pen. It migrate up, down and across freely in any
T-197 X-Ray File
BNIP! Very rare!
A card is freely selected, and placed by your spectator into an envelope. It is completely impossible to see the card from outside the envelope. However, you are able to accurately name the card.
T-154 Mindscanner
BNIP! Extremely rare in this condition!!
The props are simple: a business card case and some blank cards. A spectator writes something on a card; replaces it face down in the case, and replaces the cover on the case. Even though the case
T-185 Puzzling Queen
You insert a playing card into a frame, and stick a hollow tube through the card. When spectator peeks through the tube, there is nothing but emptiness where the card should be! You can prove that
Hello Tenyo fans, this is Nicolino from TheMagicCafé!
On this page, you‘ll find some of my rare Tenyo tricks for sale - if you‘re interested in anything please drop me a line at x.s@gmx.de. While the descriptions of the effects are borrowed from Stereo‘s great Tenyo blog, all the photos here are original.... :)